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Leicester Loughborough and surrounding areas

Gutters can be blocked with moss, dirt, leaves and even kids toys.  If the gutters are not periodically cleared they can become blocked and over flow when it rains.   Water that over flows can cause damp and water damage to the property.  If you notice that your gutters have weeds growing out of them, then give CVC a call, and we will be delighted to come and clear them out.  Not only do we clean the gutter out so rain water can freely flow again, we also perform a visual inspection and report any leaks that we locate.  We offer a repair service from only £15 when we are on site.

Free flowing gutters will prevent leaks and overflows to your property, which can result in damage costing thousands to remedy, as well as the health issue associated with damp and mould.

So give CVC a call now, for a free no obligation quote.  We also offer an annual reminder service should you want your gutters cleaning out on a regular basis.

Our workers are trained, vetted and insured and operate to our health and safety policy.

Our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

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