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concrete gutter in need of repair

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As well as cleaning gutters CVC offer an excellent and cost effective repair service for both domestic and commercial customers.   Repairs start from £15 for a leaking domestic gutter joint when done at the same time as a gutter clean.  We will advise if any repair are required when we are on site as it will be more cost effective if we do the repairs at the same time.

We repair plastic, concrete, aluminium and cast iron guttering and our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

This was a repair to a high corner leak above a conservatory that was irritating the resident with the constant dripping noise.  After a site inspection it was determined a cherry picker was required for access.

Patch concrete gutter Reline conrete gutter

We re lined a leaking concrete gutter.  Cracks and holes were first sealed before lining the gutter with an epoxy seal.

Typical gutter repair costs are £45 for the first repair and £15 for each additional repair.

This is based on a two storey house.

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